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Pineapples in Gold or Silver.

Flamingo Leg Lamp. French Bulldog

Sparkly Unicorn's

Large £45 Medium £30 Small £20

Crystal Diamonds and Aluminium Skull

Skull : £35 18hx13wx10d cm

large Diamond : £30 16x9cm small Diamond : £15 10wx6h cm

Art Deco Crystal Perfume Bottles

small: £15 8hx6w cm

medium: £45 12hx10wx5d cm

large: £125 25hx20wx10d cm tall

Cute French Bulldog

£38 28hx26wx18d cm

Gold Happy Buddha

£65 41hx39wx35d cm

Row Of Large Silver Cherubs

£45 45x20 cm

Pretty Blue and Gold Shell

£20 9hx24wx16d cm

2 Black Eyed Skulls

large: £35 19hx15wx25d cm medium: £25 15hx12wx19d cm

Silver Stag

£75 84hx62wx32d cm also in gold or white

White Stag

£75 84hx62wx32d cm also in silver or gold

Large Heart Shaped Crushed Glass Mirror

large £225 92hx110wx7dcm medium £110 57hx65wx3dcm small £45 38hx41wx2.5dcm

Crushed Glass Heart Mirror 1 (medium)

small £45 38hx41wx2.5d cm. medium £110 57hx65wx3dcm. large £225 92hx110wx7dcm

Crystal Base Lamp & Shade

£80 60hx33w cm

Glass Base Lamps

£85 & £90

Stylish Chrome Column Lamp and Shade

£80 87hx52w cm

Heart Shaped Crushed Glass Mirror (small)

small £45 38hx41wx2.5dcm large £225 92hx110wx7dcm medium £110 57hx65wx3dcm

Small Fish


Aluminium Torso

£275 76h x 45w x 20d cm

Silver Happy Buddha

£55 30h x 28w cm



Crystal Perfume Bottle

£10 11.5h x 8w x 5d cm

Crystal Perfume Bottle

£20 15h x 9w x 6d cm

Row of 6 Sitting Silver Cherubs

£30 h9xw35xh13cm
Crystal Perfume Bottles

Large Row of Cherubs

45x20cm £45

Glass and Silver Plate Cake Stand

£45 42 x 30cm

Hanging Buddha Head

£25 46h x 32w cm

Silver and Mirror Lamp

£75 68 x 42cm

Large Row of Gold Cherubs

45x20cm £45

Pair of White Cherubs

£45 also in Silver (27.5h x 20w x 19d cm each one)

Pair of Blackamore Stands

£475 93h x 46w x 33d cm

Silver Bulldogs

Laying Down £25 25.5 x 13.5 x 14cm

Small Standing £50 21 x 40 x 18cm Medium £100 29 x 52 x 28cm

Silver Angel

£35 also in White and Gold

(40h x 20w x 20d cm)

Set of 3 White Cherubs

£45 also in Silver (20h x 15w x 15d cm)

Deco Crystal Perfume Bottle

£15 (8h x 7w x 3d cm)

Silver Fairy

40hx20dx17w cm £35 also in white and gold


Spot Lamp

£115 h70xw40xd40cm

Beautiful Porcelain Heron

£150 65 x 20cm


Cute Sitting Bulldogs Black Sparkle and White

£50 28 x 20 x 23cm

Large Fish


Alminium Torso on stand £325 160x45x20 cm

Aluminium Torso £275 76x45x20cm

Alminium Torso On Stand

£325 160x45x20 cm


Mirrored Column

91h x 31 x 31cm

Aluminium Torso

£275 76x45x20 cm

Siver Coated Wine Glass or candle holder £5 each

Siver Coated Wine Glass

or candle holder

£5 each
Coat of arms £120 70x76 also in silver

Coat of Arms

£120 70x76 also in silver
Silver bulldog £50 21x40x18cm ....also £185 38x74x39

Silver Bulldog

£50 21x40x18cm also £220 38x74x39

Loveable White Bulldog

£38 h28xw20xd23 cm
Aluminium Mouse Doorstop 21x7cm £12

Aluminium Mouse Doorstop

£12 21x7cm

Set of 3 Gold Cherubs

£45 h20xw15xd15 cm