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Crushed Glass Heart Mirror 1 (medium)

small £45 38hx41wx2.5d cm. medium £110 57hx65wx3dcm. large £225 92hx110wx7dcm

Heart Shaped Crushed Glass Mirror (small)

small £45 38hx41wx2.5dcm large £225 92hx110wx7dcm medium £110 57hx65wx3dcm

Large Heart Shaped Crushed Glass Mirror

large £225 92hx110wx7dcm medium £110 57hx65wx3dcm small £45 38hx41wx2.5dcm


Rocco Style Mirror

£175 (109h x 87w x 6d cm)

Frameless Mirror with Silver Decoration

104x84cm £150

Art Deco Style Mirror

£250 (122w x 91.5h cm)

Decorative White Framed Mirror

£165 also in Silver (122h x 90w x 11d cm) also ( 176h x 90w x 11d cm £250)

Rocco Style Mirror

£275 (120h x 86w x 10d cm)

Silver butterfly Mirror

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